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Downtown Pilates Studio OUR STUDIO

Downtown Pilates Studio is Old Town Scottsdale's boutique Pilates studio. Located in Old Town Scottsdale on the canal. We are a full service Pilates studio offering private aparatus services and group reformer classes!

Downtown Pilates Studio PILATES METHOD

Developed by Joseph Pilates, this innovative method brings your body back to center and back to shape by building a strong core, increasing flexibility, and bringing awareness to your posture and core muscles. With hundreds of exercises performed on equipment such as the reformer, cadillac, stability chair, barrel, and mat, the Pilates method suits every body type and skill level. The Pilates method produces results your body can recognize, keeping joints and ligaments healthy, revitalizing muscles, and shaping a longer, leaner, and stronger physique.

Downtown Pilates Studio PILATES PHILOSOPHY

Our approach at Downtown Pilates Studio is simple: to obtain physical health, to look and feel your best, and create balance your body needs. It needs a combination of fitness and health, a mix of movement which comes with a partnership between your Pilates instructor and yourself.


Whether your an elite athlete or just recently injured, practitioners of Pilates find power in its adaptability. With a wide variety of exercises and modifications, Pilates lends itself to expansive goals, such as:
  • Back Pain Reduction
  • Weight Loss
  • Enhanced Athletic Performace
  • Muscular Imbalance Corrections
  • Injury Prevention and Recovery