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Downtown Pilates Studio ALBANA ERBELI

Albana is a native New Yorker, born and raised in NYC, and was a gymnast for 14 years growing up. She played major sports in high school such as softball, basketball, track, and swimming. She took her love for swimming to another level when she passed her physical to become a certified life guard during summers months.

Downtown Pilates Studio ALBANA'S INSPIRATION

In 2008 while skiing in Colorado, Albana was injured with a tear in her left knee ACL where she was told by a doctor she would need surgery, however Albana decided she would wait it out and try other alternatives. During her physical therapy treatments, a friend suggested rehabilitation through Pilates. With a lot of hard work, Albana was able to completely recover her knee without going under the knife. She continued to practice Pilates even after and grew to love it. She went from practicing once a week to three times a week over the next few years. Pilates became part of Albana's lifestyle. Last year, in 2012, Albana left her 18 year career in fashion and gave up the grind. With plans to move out to sunny Arizona, she enrolled in The Kane School in NYC where she took certification courses in Mat, all Equipment, as well as a special enhanced Bridge Program focusing on Touch, Bio-Mechanics of the body, and Special Populations and Injury.

Downtown Pilates Studio CAREER HISTORY

She followed a career in fashion by graduating from the infamous Fashion Institute of Technology with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing Communications. She continued to work herself up the corporate ladder working in Marketing and Merchandising for a number of designer companies in New York City allowing her to travel to heavy markets such as Los Angeles and Las Vegas as well as international major markets such as London, Barcelona, Italy, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo.

Downtown Pilates Studio ALBANA'S MOTIVATION

She received her certification in all levels and has completed apprentice hours at Kinected NYC, Reforming NY, and Beyond Pilates in NYC. Now in Arizona for only five months, she is ready to bring her energy to Downtown Pilates Studio and is eager to help others gain core muscle, rehabilitate and repair their injuries as well as lengthening and elongating their bodies to maintain healthy bones, joints, and ligaments and transform to a happy body!